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About Riverbank Upholstery

Riverbank Upholstery is owned by Lyndsey Hayes, an Association of Master Upholsterers & Soft Furnishings’ (AMUSF) qualified upholsterer. Specialising in traditional upholstery and furniture restoration, Lyndsey’s aim is to restore your furniture to its original glory and ensure it is upholstered using traditional craftsmanship and care. She always takes personal pride in every piece of furniture and provides a friendly and professional service.

Lyndsey Lord

Our Services

Riverbank Upholstery is able to provide a wide variety of upholstery services, including re-upholstering both traditional and modern furniture, canework and boat interiors.

Traditional Upholstery


Traditional upholstery uses centuries old craftsmanship to provide long-lasting, high quality upholstery for your furniture. Materials used are traditional in nature and usually eco-friendly and naturally fire retardant. These include vegetable fibre or horsehair fillings, hessian and calico, traditional twine for lashing springs and hand-stitching and tacks to secure fillings and coverings in place. Traditional upholstery is usually used for antique or period furniture, where hardwood frames and furniture structure suit traditional techniques and materials.

Traditional Upholstery


Using modern materials such as foams and rubberised hair, modern upholstery can provide a more cost-efficient way to re-upholster your furniture. Fillings and coverings are usually secured with staples. Modern upholstery is usually more suitable on modern softwood furniture frames, often used in mass produced furniture. New box cushions or cushion covers can also be provided.

Traditional Upholstery


We are able to provide a range of boat upholstery services, including box cushions and covers for your seating and bedroom areas. We will need to visit your boat to understand the requirements and make templates.

Traditional Upholstery


Traditional canework services using a six-way weave for caned chairs, sofas and headboards, including bergère furniture.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question, please feel free to get in touch and we will be happy to help answer your queries. We have put together a list of some of the most commonly asked questions below:

Yes, we can re-upholster the majority of furniture, antique or modern. We specialise in smaller pieces of furniture, such as chairs, stools, ottomans etc. We can provide you with advice on the type of furniture you may have and discuss the options available. Some modern furniture may not be cost-effective to re-upholster or re-cover, depending on the cost of the top fabric and how much of the original foam / filling needs replacing. Again, we will be able to advise on the best options for your requirements and budget.

Costs will vary depending on the type of upholstery required, the size, shape and complexity of your furniture and the overall condition of your furniture (e.g. if frame repairs are required or not).
If you can email a photo of your piece and provide brief details about your piece of furniture, in particular approximate age and origin / make, we are likely to be able to provide an approximate estimate.
As a general guide, costs for basic upholstery (excluding the cost of your top fabric) for a traditional drop-in seat start at £30, a sprung seat £75 and an armchair from £450. Good quality upholstery fabric varies in price, but as a guide, you can use £40-50 per metre for designer brands such as Linwood, Bute, Moon etc. The amount of top fabric will vary depending on the size of your furniture and any pattern repeat in the fabric. A medium size armchair in plain fabric may require between five and six metres of fabric, more if there is a large pattern repeat. Again, we will be able to advise on suitable fabrics, costs of fabrics and amount of fabric required for your furniture.

A drop-in seat is typical in many traditional dining chairs, hall or bedroom chairs. It is a chair seat that can be removed separately from the frame, where it will usually sit in the frame seat. It may be screwed in or sometimes glued into place, but can usually be lifted out to be independently re-upholstered. It is unlikely to have any springs.
What is a sprung seat?
A sprung seat is a seat containing springs, and the layers of stuffing will typically be secured into the frame of the seat, i.e. it is fixed in place. Using traditional methods, the springs will be lashed onto the frame using twine, and then covered in hessian, fibre or horse hair and this will be hand-stitched into place under hessian and calico onto the chair before the top fabric is added. A covering braid or piping is then used around the edge of the chair to cover the tacks.

Top fabric is the final fabric covering that will be used on the piece of furniture. It will need to be an upholstery grade fabric, which is usually heavier in weight and can withstand greater wear and tear than fabrics used for soft furnishings such as cushions and curtains.

Yes, we can source fabric through accounts we have with a number of good quality fabric suppliers. We can make recommendations on the type and style of fabric for your furniture, advising on aspects such as the historical fabric that would have been used on your antique furniture. We highly recommend using upholstery weight fabric to get the best, long lasting finish for your furniture.

Yes, if you have already identified a fabric or would like to choose your own fabric, please let us know and we can advise on suitability (in accordance with our terms and conditions). It may be possible we can source the fabric for a lower price, so it is always worth discussing your choice with us prior to purchasing it. We will also need to advise you on the amount of fabric required for your piece of furniture.

Foam is a material that offers flexibility for re-upholstering many modern pieces of furniture or cushion types. It is not however a long-lasting material and is most likely to start to wear, deteriorate and disintegrate after several years, especially if there has been heavy usage. More traditional materials such as vegetable fibres or horse hair are typically more expensive and time consuming to apply to a piece of furniture, but will last for decades. Therefore the use of the furniture, age and time until next re-upholster are likely to be important considerations that we will advise you on.

It is sometimes possible to re-cover, rather than completely re-upholster furniture, but often when the top fabric is stripped off, existing fillings, especially foams, or springs may have deteriorated or be damaged and therefore full re-upholstery may be required. This will involve stripping the furniture back to its original frame and putting in new fillings, springs and coverings as required prior to a new top fabric. Re-covering is usually just replacing the top fabric and not repairing or replacing any of the fillings or springs within the furniture.

This will depend on the type of furniture and how busy we are. We will provide you with an estimate on timings with any estimate we provide you with.

We will collect and deliver for free within the local area (c. 5 miles). For other locations, a collection and / or delivery fee will be quoted with your estimate. Alternatively, you can arrange to drop your furniture off at our workshop if you decide to accept our estimate for your furniture to be re-upholstered.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We will endeavour to respond to all enquiries as soon as possible and will be happy to discuss any of your requirements. If you would like to get advice on whether it is worth having a piece of furniture re-upholstered or to get an initial estimate, it may be possible to do this via email if you are able to provide details and a photo of your piece of furniture.


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